What’s driving our fashion this Spring of 23?

Well, we have to say it… Spring 2023 is on our minds and soon to be on our shelves! Winter is rounding out, the cold weather is getting old and we can’t stop thinking about Spring!

Bright, playful hues will make it from the runways to the streets this season. Think tangerines, bright pinks, blooming yellows, and classic greens. Not into bright hues? No problem! The spin on muted colors this season is gorgeous! Designers are moving away from dark neutrals and opting for soft grey, soft browns, and pastels to balance out the bold color palette that’s so darn eye-catching. Let’s face it, some days we are into being bold, and other days, we want to be a little more subdued. It’s all about expression! Fashion is the way we can express ourselves. Some days we feel adventurous and other days we want to take it more in stride. Color is perfect for this reflection of oneself.


Fashion is something that being in business for over 35 years, we obviously take very seriously. We like to think of it as making your entrance. Your wardrobe is your statement. You don’t need a 1,000 sq ft closet to have what you need. You need staples! Pieces that you can go to and slip on, that make you feel beautiful, equipped, and confident.


At Intrigue, we have just that. Strong, feminine, quality pieces to add to your wardrobe.  This Spring, think of a few things when considering the items you want to add to your SO personal collection!  These items below are true Show Stoppers!

You want that all-over feel-good factor this Spring! Let’s take a little trip to fantasyland now for a moment…. Imagine waking up with no alarm, slipping into a silk robe. Heading into your kitchen for a nice cup of French-pressed coffee. The windows are open, and you hear the chirps of birds outside and the fresh smell of cherry blossoms blooming. 

You turn on some light music and take a nice hot shower. You lather up with the very best gels, making you feel & smell luxurious. You hop out, step into your room, open your closet doors and pick out your outfit for the day. Today you have a lunch meeting, a zoom call, and a cocktail party to attend in the evening. You throw on your trouser pants, with a simple T and a pair of sneaks with a slight wedge. You dress your neck with some opal pearls and matching earrings. { Think freshwater pearls, iridescent colors of white } You curl your hair, throw on your tote bag, and out the door you go. Cruising down the road, windows are open, the sunroof is tilted and music is pumped up a bit. You have your big framed sunnies on and park the car. You head into your meeting, feeling confident and professional, then hop on your zoom call.


Evening approaches and you toss your hair up into a loose bun, change the neckline to gold chain links, change the earrings to a matching gold hoop, toss off the sneaks and slip into a sexy stiletto. Now take off the T and slip into a cami with a colorful suit jacket. Cruise to that cocktail party and insert a martini in hand!


It’s time to reimagine life, as you would like to live it. Annette, Debbie, and the girls are here to keep you connected to the latest in fashion trends and ultimately to reconnect with yourself. 


The Spring and Summer seasons will be bright, playful, and not too serious…. Are you ready? We are :)


Warm weather, we are ready for ya!


Annette & Debbie




~ Written by: Danielle Gannon

Local Spotlight with Danielle


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