2022, That's a Wrap!

2022.. That’s a wrap!

Wow! How are we at the end of the year already?! What an incredible time we had. 2022 marked so much in the way of growth and change for the world, let alone Intrigue.

The year started with great hope and anticipation; everyone was ready to turn a new leaf and live life normally!

We saw many of our clients begin to travel again, dine out and make memories. Smiles were all around. Energy was high! It was beautiful and refreshing.

Fashion is a reflection of the time and energy in society. It is the light of humanity. Fashion impacts how people feel about themselves, express themselves and how others perceive them. We love to dress and style our clients! We are honored to be a part of the expression they bring to the world. It is light! It is joy! It is freedom! It is all the good things life encompasses.

Owners Annette & Debbie feel privileged to have been in this beautiful Bucks County community for 35 years! "The generations we have met over the years, the stories we have been a part of, and the friendships we have made. It brings a tear to our eyes. We are incredibly humbled to have been a part of your celebrations and journey."

To our clients, Thank you. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for embracing us as your go-to for all things fashion related.

We sat back and reflected together this year, and ya know what? Having this store is so much more than a fashion boutique. We open our doors 6 days a week to our friends. We exchange life’s ups and downs. We laugh, and we cry together. We dress you for life’s good events and for the not-so-good ones. We are a part of your trips and your experiences throughout life!

We want to give a big giant hug to each and every one of you.

We hope to see you all soon! Maybe you received a gift certificate for Christmas, or perhaps you need NYE party attire… whatever the case may be, you know we are here for you :)

Cheers to a beautiful 2022! 2023, we are ready for ya! It’s going to be an incredible year. We will make sure of it!

Happy Holiday Season,
With love & deep appreciation,

Annette & Debbie

~ Danielle Gannon
Local Spotlight with Danielle

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