Spring is in full effect and we are BLOOMING over here at Intrigue

Spring is in full effect and we are BLOOMING over here at Intrigue.

This season for fashion excites us more than many other seasons we can remember— and you know why? Because Color, Color, Color is ALL the rage.

Whether you are looking for vacation-ready dresses, or bright suits full of sophistication and glamour, we have it all.

At Intrigue, we always focus on personal style for the individual and styling them as such. 

Easter is April 9th, Mother’s Day is May 14th, weddings are all year round and then graduation is June. Think pinks, greens, lavender, teals, and peaches! Beautiful colors to compliment the spring season and any skin tone. Often we hear someone say, “we always go to black, black is safe”. Yes, black is safe but why wear black when you can wear all kinds of colors? 

When it comes to color in Fashion, as taken from Glamour magazine, Yellow, orange, or other vibrant warm shades are good if you want to feel happier. Blue and blue greens are smart for fighting stress. Red "is the obvious choice, but pink is more subtle" if you're heading out on a date or have seduction on the brain. A red-purple works too.

We are your stylists. We keep a good, solid staff on at all times, so you can have that personal shopping experience. Our stylists are here to give you that one-to-one experience and assist you in finding the color and cut for your frame. That is what we want to give you here at Intrigue Fine Apparel. A Class A experience.

Long Flowy dresses like this capture attention: Aldo Martins Reims Dress with the flow and ombre colors— how gorgeous! 

Or how about this one, Aldo Martins Nerja Dress with its gentle A-Line silhouette?



Sometimes you need something a bit more classic and tailored. Black Halo Amelie Sheath Dress This sheath style features slimming princess seams and pleated sleeves.  So this is classic but with flair! 

Dresses are on the scene this season for sure, but you always need a classic top, blazer, and pants to interchange. Take a look at what we are thinking!  Bella Dahl Flowy Tie-Dye Button Down, this is a hand-made dyed garment- each piece is unique. It is classic in the button-down and collar, but it’s sexy and can be played up or down. A great staple to have in your wardrobe. 

Everyone needs a pair of slacks they can put on. Even if you aren’t in corporate America, you need a pair and it’s always when you least expect it!  Raffaello Rossi Penny Pant Camel are tailored, with no pockets ( so slimming ) and a back ankle slit. Incredible!


Then we have this fun shrunken blazer, available in Azalea ( pink ) and White. Minnie Rose Shrunken Blazerhow cute with a pair of cute jeans and heels!!


“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality” – Karl Lagerfeld

Let us assist you, we speak “your language”. 


As always, The Ladies of Intrigue,

Annette, Debbie and stylists!


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  • Danielle Gannon, Local Spotlight with Danielle 

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