How to Buy Gifts for Every Type of Gal!

We've all been here >> You excitedly unwrap a gift, that moment of delicious anticipation, and then...what? You're secretly deflated. Why would (fill in the blank) think I would like/want this? 

Shopping for gifts for your female friends and family is harder than it seems. My friends think I'm impossible to shop for. I don't know, maybe it's true. In all honesty, I'm always thrilled to receive very pedestrian gifts. A nice bottle of white wine. Home-baked goods. A box of beautiful macarons. A gorgeous-smelling candle. Winner winner chicken dinner! 

But I'm getting off topic. When it's my turn to be the gift-giver, I find that it's difficult not to fall into the trap of projecting my own taste onto the gifts I buy. Doing this is almost always a mistake. Your gal pals may love and admire your taste...when it's on you or in your home. But that taste might not translate into what's right for their lifestyle or what makes them feel most comfortable, happy, and/or beautiful. So I tend to think very hard about the personality, taste, and lifestyle of the giftee in question. 

Now, I'm not suggesting that you purchase gifts that you practically have an allergic reaction to, even if you think the recipient will like it. That's wrong too. The tricky balance is finding something that speaks to what she loves, but contains an element that you appreciate even if you wouldn't buy it for yourself. Your gifts should say "I selected this especially for you, with careful thought and love". 

Examples: I love statement jewelry. I'm literally drawn to it and I've been collecting it for years. But I have only one girlfriend who appreciates it like I do. And even her taste differs slightly from mine. So I rarely purchase it for a gift. See? I told you it was complicated!  

So, do I have the perfect solution? Are you kidding, of course I don't! If I did I would have written a book and gotten rich. Instead I thought I'd have a little fun on the blog with the concept of figuring out what type of gal you're gifting, and offering you some gift ideas from Intrigue. Is it a foolproof method? Heck no, but it's fun and it often works out great, so play along with me. (Note: some items listed are not pictured in the collages so you'll want to click on the links). 


Type of Gal: Sporty Spice

Loves: The outdoors

Gift Ideas:

  1. Save the Duck Isla puffer ($298)
  2. Echo Happy Cat scarf ($79)
  3. Think Royln The Cell crossbody bag ($98)
  4. Lemon Jelly Frankie Boots ($208)
  5. Krewe Howell sunglasses ($275)
  6. Echo Colorblock gloves ($79)
  7. Echo Floral Camo scarf ($89)

 Type of Gal: Rocker Chick

Loves: Edgy glam

Gift Ideas:

  1. Minnie Rose black turtleneck popover ($299)
  2. Liza Beth Love ID bracelet ($1,955)
  3. Zadig & Voltaire Laureen studded boots ($598)
  4. Liza Beth Aries earrings ($1,391)
  5. Jocelyn Be You faux fur hat ($75)
  6. Zadig & Voltaire Rockyssime handbag ($498)
  7. Zadig & Voltaire Miss Arrow cashmere sweater ($298)

Type of Gal: Modern Romantic

Loves: Everything feminine

Gift Ideas:

  1. AS by DF Denise leather blazer ($575)
  2. Jocelyn Be in Love hat ($95)
  3. Louis Vuitton Wight Damier crossbody bag ($2,395)
  4. Krewe Jena Quartz sunglasses ($235)
  5. Jen 7 Slim Straight jeans ($109)
  6. Gucci Princetown Lace mules ($698)
  7. Shoshanna Lyam floral jacquard blouse ($298)


Type of Gal: Cozy Nester

Loves: All things soft, comfy and cozy

Gift Ideas:

  1. Commando Modern Lounge Sweatshirt ($128)
  2. Commando Modern Lounge jogger ($128)
  3. Echo Brushed Blocked scarf ($49)
  4. Nest Birchwood Pine candle ($44)
  5. Nest Birchwood Pine reed diffuser ($50)
  6. Daniella Erin NYC shearling slides ($275)
  7. Echo Recycled Pom hat ($49)

Type of Gal: All-Out Glam Girl 

Loves: Sexy sparkle and shine

Gift Ideas:

  1. Lavender Brown sequin wrap dress ($228)
  2. YSL Cassandra sandals ($845)
  3. Janis Savitt crystal fringe earrings ($115)
  4. Joseph Ribkoff faux fur jacket ($334)
  5. Pinko Corolle sweater with sequin mesh ($385)
  6. Halston Falan sequin cocktail dress ($475)
  7. Joseph Ribkoff faux fur poncho ($214)

I hope at least some of your "gals" are on this list! If not, there's always the bakery and the wine store. 



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