Love It and I'm Wearing It

Love It and I'm Wearing It

As the song says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! But COVID has made it the most unpredictable time of year. When life hands you lemons this year, you don’t make lemonade - you make limoncello! Drink up. We have to make the best of this holiday and I am here to make sure you look your best.  

For those who didn’t read my first blog, shame on you! It was the 411 on getting dressed and going out. Now, you may be saying, “Jamie, I’m not going out, I’m going to a house. Why do you want me to get dressed?” Listen up ladies: did you know that getting dressed, and doing your hair and makeup improves your mood and your overall self-confidence? I get dressed every day; in fact, I take an hour and half to look oh-so-glamorous for myself and for you, my favorite customers . I notice when I put little effort into my appearance and come to work my whole outlook changes. 

So what have we learned from this? We are getting dressed regardless of whose house you’re going to, including your own. So I like to lead with my best friend Commando. No matter the 5 lbs you put on eating/drinking on Thanksgiving, Commando makes you lose it in 5 minutes. I am loving the velvet leggings and for those who are curvy or don’t want something revealing, the wide leg flare velvet legging is another chic choice.

Top-wise, I’m loving the new Commando red leopard bodysuit. What screams ‘holiday fun’ more than leopard, red, turtleneck, seamless – oh my! If you are feeling like stopping traffic, try the new faux leather bodysuit, just in.

For those who are a little less daring and a little more “classic chic”, pair your bottoms with a basic like the Commando ballet mock neck bodysuit. Or consider a cashmere sweater ladies listen up: this is extremely important! For those with a large chest, you are going to want a V-neck fit, not a boat neck or high neckline. Try the Kinross baby blue cashmere with a scarf to add some dimension.


 The boxy cut sweater is trending this season. I will tell you how to wear it without looking like Sponge Bob Square Pants. It pairs best with a tight bottom such as a skinny pant (velvet leggings or faux leather).

Maybe you had too much wine or your hot flashes are kicking in. Here are some cool alternatives: Ecru velvet V-neck peplum top, Trina Turk silver embroidery red/blue silk blouse, anatomie shimmer top.


For the woman who likes to push the fashion limits like me, well here comes the fun! These faux leather feather ostrich leggings will definitely leave their mark. With these pants there’s always a party. They are fun, flirty, and look great with any of the bodysuits. Pair with the Rodo metallic pumps and voila! you have the  spotlight.

There’s one more option and this is for the diva or trendsetter or host of the party. As the song says, jingle all the way.  Pair your outfit with a vintage Chanel charm belt. It’s for a woman who is one of a kind.

 So you say you want some color for cheer, well, who doesn’t love to accessorize? Michael Kors  once said accessories are the exclamation point to a woman’s outfit. Try popping on a silk Franco Ferrari scarf. (p.s. they are made in the Gucci factory!). Speaking of Gucci, try a handbag. I love the Gucci bi-color supermini Marmont. 

The Think Royln bags are mostly under $200 and come in many sizes and colors, plus they can be worn three different ways and are fun and hands-free. 

Now Christmas morning can be tricky. Social media is a must and your kids will be sure to capture you candidly. Smile for the camera! You may not want to be the Griswold’s but you also aren’t trying to achieve the homeless look.  Your best friend I promise you is Commando butter joggers, Bobi grey joggers or Bobi wide leg pants with matching sweatshirt. Pair any of the pants with a cozy shiraleah leopard robe or pink fuzzy top.

Last but not least because you can’t forget our new norm every day. Everyone needs the 2020 holiday cover up.  And by cover up I mean face mask. If we have to cover our faces, at least let’s do it the Intrigue way! Janis Savitt crystal mask.

So there is my complete rundown of the holidays “the Jamie way”. Remember no matter what you do for Holidays 2020, there will be some sort of picture to mark this historic year. Do something for yourself to end this year on a positive note. Let us be your styling guru.

As they say…

Drink Russian

Dress Italian

Kiss French

 Shop Intrigue

Happy Holidays !!!

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