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What I’m Wearing …

Hi everyone, it’s Jamie from Intrigue. Lots of you know me but for those who don’t, there are 3 basic things to know: (1) I love going out, (2) I love getting dressed, and (3) I’m always cold! And we all know that going out has changed quite a lot since COVID. We’re eating outside more often and longer into the fall than we ever dreamed. Today I’m going to talk about getting dressed, going out and staying warm while staying safe and eating outside.

Some of you may read this and ask me: Jamie, why am I getting dressed? Where am I going and who’s going to see me? I’ll tell you why. Getting dressed makes you feel better, whether you’re staying in or going out. You didn’t gain that “COVID 15” because you got dressed every day. It was caused by your arch Nemesis – sweatpants. It’s time to ditch the dudes and meet Commando the awesome stud!

For those who don’t know me, well I feel bad for you; you’re missing all the fun (j/k)! In all seriousness, I live in Commando. Even on your fluffiest of days, Commando can uplift your butt and tighten your legs and you can feel vavavoom. It compresses all that squishy stuff while accentuating your assets. It makes a sexy, stylish statement and gives you confidence. It’s like the sisterhood of traveling pants. You will feel empowered, ladies!

The faux leather or suede leggings are not only warm and on trend, but they also suck everything in and tuck it away and they’re only $98. Hey, that’s cheaper than dinner out! Feeling a little daring? Try the crocodile texture in brown or green for $118.

Another thing I love to do is layer, because I can always take off some layers if I warm up. This fall it’s all about layers. This brings me to my partner in crime, the basic black turtleneck bodysuit. I will say this once for everyone skeptical as I once was. I hate underwear and things riding up on me. This thong bodysuit you will forget you even have it on, plus it’s seamless. I promise you will thank me. It even has thumb holes if your hands get cold (which mine do).

So far, we have a high waisted faux leather legging and a core bodysuit. Now you are starting to feel fabulous. Next we are going to pair it with an oversized sweater, cardigan, vest or perhaps a bolero. Any of these will work. Feeling wild try Sanctuary’s mixed animal print welcome to the jungle sweater in maroon/black/white–at $129. Or maybe you would prefer a Marella quilted chic camel vest? Every woman needs a sexy black cardigan, Joseph Ribkoff for the win with the ribbed Cardigan tie $177. It’s slenderizing, stylish and warm. For those who know me know I am petrified of snakes but this python bolero is a Real Housewives Of Bucks County showstopper, especially at only $129! It’s warm, stylish and no scales attached .

Don’t forget a chic scarf to complete your look. A scarf is not only a great conversational piece, let’s face it, it’s like chocolate – you can never have just one. We have many great choices. I love this one from Echo that’s $99; Ombre zebra and it’s black/brown/grey oh my. But Jamie, you say, what about my hands? They are always cold! This brings me to these glistening beauties from Echo, iridescent leather gloves $149. They are not only warm, they shine bright like a diamond

I always say a woman with great shoes is always beautiful. For the final touch, pair this outfit with a black suede or leather bootie. The Parisians do everything so fabulous. Parisian brand Zadig and Voltaire makes a black suede bootie with studs Tyler Elastic S $498 – it’s at the top of my list for walking into the weekend.

This outfit will make you warm, confident and chic no matter what body shape you are. Embrace your inner goddess and go get dressed because you are going out. Now off you go! I leave you with this, you aren’t going too far without your purse. Benvenuto PINKO straight from Italy. The bag I am swooning over is Free Flight Mini Seventies Fir Yellow $390

To thank me, just tag us on your Instagram posts #intriguefineapparel when you’re out wearing a fabulous outfit from Intrigue! Until I see you again mon amis , au revoir

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